When A Serious Injury Changes Your Life

Serious injuries can cause instant and dramatic changes for your life and your future. This can include both physical injuries and financial strain to you and your family. The lawyers at Lee | Orlowski, LLC, can fight on your behalf to secure the compensation you need from insurance companies and other sources to pay your medical bills and related expenses.

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Answering Your Questions

If you or a loved one has suffered a potentially life-altering injury, you probably have a lot of worries and a lot of questions, including:

  • How will you pay for care?
  • Will you be disabled, and, if so, will you be eligible for disability?
  • What will happen to your job?

It doesn't matter if you face a temporary or long-lasting condition requiring intensive medical intervention. If you or a loved one has suffered a severe injury, you won't have much time or energy left over to grapple with insurance companies. Our lawyers know how to push back on your behalf. Our firm also partners with medical professionals and other experts like accident reconstruction experts who can provide important testimony to support your case.

You Deserve Relief Today

Serious accidents can cause injuries that may be devastating and permanent. You shouldn't have to navigate the financial, emotional and physical difficulties of this difficult time alone. Schedule an appointment with one of our experienced personal injury attorneys at Lee | Orlowski, LLC now.