People contemplating divorce need committed and knowledgeable representation. The time during a divorce can be highly emotional. At the same time, those divorcing need to make long-term decisions about important issues such as property division and child custody. The Albany, Georgia, divorce attorneys at Lee Orlowski, LLC, have the perspective, knowledge and experience to provide committed and effective representation during a divorce.

Moving Ahead Through Mediation Or Litigation

Most of the divorce cases that come to us eventually get mediated. Mediation can provide a more affordable method by which former spouses can work out their differences and maintain more control over the outcome of their settlement. While our firm has a certified mediator in house (Fred Lee), ultimately the success of any attempted mediation depends on the willingness of the spouses to cooperate. In cases in which one spouse is unwilling to negotiate or make compromises, a more aggressive approach may be needed. Our family law attorneys at Lee Orlowski, LLC, are experienced, determined and prepared to defend your rights and interests aggressively in court should the need arise.

If you're not yet ready to seek a divorce, but know you're in a marriage that isn't working, you can still consult with a law firm to get guidance about your rights and perspective about your options.

Providing A Path Forward

Uncertainty during this difficult time can compound your anxiety about the changes you are facing. Call 229-431-3036 to speak to one of our divorce lawyers at Lee Orlowski, LLC, in Albany, Georgia, to learn your rights and discover the best way to proceed. Our firm offers free initial consultations, so you can get preliminary information with no future obligation. You can also send an email to inform the firm's attorneys of your situation.